Hi, I'm Zach Stearman, and I'm a software developer.

Photo Credit: Catherine Smeader Photography

I am a full stack web developer with a passion for designing user-friendly applications. I began coding in 2014 to pursue a passion project of building a college basketball analytics website. That site, prophetratings.com, now displays four seasons worth of college basketball statistics, custom analytics, and predictions. The project taught me the fundamentals of web design, and equipped me with countless skills that are vital to building robust applications including database design, RESTful API usage, web scraping, and much more. Most importantly, developing the site instilled a love of solving problems using code and taught me how to tackle complex tasks one step at a time.

Over the past five years, I have built numerous web applications from the ground up. Please take a look at the projects page to view some of my work. I am highly proficient in Ruby on Rails and the associated languages (Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I am experienced in database design with most of my work being done in PostgreSQL. I am knowledgeable in cloud computing technologies, and I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I am currently pursuing my AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certifications as well, with an expected completion before July 2020.

I am a lifelong learner, and I love to use technology to solve real world problems. I want to build applications that not only accomplish a task but that are user friendly and attractive. If you have a project that you would like for me to work on, I'd love to hear from you!